Traveling the WORLD as a Poker Pro Nomad! (Poker Life)

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In today’s Ask Alec episode I provide some tips on this topic from my personal experience … Traveling the World Like a Pro. Poker pro lifestyle is related with a lot of traveling the world, so check out this video and let me hear where you guy’s plan to travel for 2017.
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Traveling the WORLD as a Poker Pro Nomad! (Poker Life)

10 thoughts on “Traveling the WORLD as a Poker Pro Nomad! (Poker Life)

  1. Great tips thanks. for the last 2 months or so I followed your advice from another video about writing down my finances and I also wrote down every time I worked out and also when and what I ate. I bought three of those little notepads – one for diet, one for exercise, and one for budget – and discovered some interesting things, mainly how haphazardly I was approaching my daily routine.

  2. i wanna try and make some money/see if i would be good enough to make it as a pro in my gap year. 18yrs old in 2 months.

  3. Great video as always! My gf and I will be travelling later this year for a minimum of 3 months up to 12! She is even mindful of places we will need to stay so that I can play poker throughout the trip!

  4. Food for thought I can't figure out how you fly to Macau for a week and don't appear to play much poker, much less pay for the trip that way. Help me out it'd be nice to know how much poker you actually play. All the other vlogs are doing this and they show the tough decisions being made as the hands are played.

  5. Hi Alex, Thank you for a great channel!

    I was wondering your opinion on the best casinos/ places to play cash game poker in europe????????

    Thank you

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