Tricky Spot with Pocket KINGS (NLHE Poker Highlight)

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I have POCKET KINGS in a heads up 4-bet pot with an UTG player, and the board is all one suit 😣! This is a tricky spot, even for a poker pro… Let me know what you would do in the comments!

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Is there another line or poker strategy that you would take or do you like my hand breakdown? Keep in mind I did this while streaming the poker session live!

I have tons more experience playing pot limit omaha but online no limit hold ‘em is still one of my best poker games (even if I am not always sure what to do) as I’ve played with super pros at high stakes for longer than I played low stakes poker!

I decided to hop back into the mid stakes and high stakes WSOP online no limit streets while the World Series of Poker is in Las Vegas, my team and I hope you enjoy the live stream highlights!

If you’d like me to stream more no limit poker live or have a specific online PLO poker tournament you’d like me to play, please let me know in the comments (along with critiquing my play in this poker hand!)

For more elite HU PLO strategy make sure to watch all of the poker highlights from this heads-up high stakes poker showdown in the Galfond challenge.

If you’re building huge chip stacks already but still looking for how to improve at pot limit omaha, no limit hold ‘em, or poker in general, Phil Galfond is here to teach you how to think like a professional poker player.

Are you a new poker player or a poker beginner? Do you just need the best poker strategy and best poker tips or do you have a high-stakes poker related question you’d like a poker professional’s advice on? Leave a comment and your question might end up in the next one of these quick poker tips videos!

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Tricky Spot with Pocket KINGS (NLHE Poker Highlight)

10 thoughts on “Tricky Spot with Pocket KINGS (NLHE Poker Highlight)

  1. I love your humility Phil. You deserve far more respect and following than "people" like Alec "keep the big chips in the back " Torelli. Glad he busted the final table of the main.

  2. Phil needs to work on preflop ranges respectfully. People are 4-betting JJ+ with certain frequency. Thus, KK is a 5bet shove preflop as per solver.

    Postflop, amazing analysis. I would have definitely loose more money than him.

    Also, solver approves double X in Vs shoes but prefers small sizing with some Xback on R instead of a big one. I think V got the max out of Phil's range.

  3. Funny how Phil thinks about every other hand but the obvious. Makes the game to hard for himself. To experienced for rookie mistakes IMO

  4. Nothing you were saying was correct and then you see his cards, “oh yeah that makes sense.” These jokes write themselves lol.

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