Unbelievable Hero Fold at $10,000 Buy-in Poker Tournament

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Unbelievable Hero Fold at $10,000 Buy-in Poker Tournament

10 thoughts on “Unbelievable Hero Fold at $10,000 Buy-in Poker Tournament

  1. How good of a fold this is pretty much depends on Villain. If V is a good LAG, and feels like H is value betting a weak Kx on the river and capable of folding such a hand then it's a bad fold. But most players won't be able to find a check/raise bluff on this river so AA fold turns out to be pretty good (though I'd argue that AA w/o Ace of heart is a better fold). Pretty sure Hero is folding to a possible flush, not full house

  2. Ah is really bad blocker for bluff catching. AA w/o Ah is far better to bluff catch with.

  3. i think AA was suspicious when 99 flats the flop and completed flush on river doesnt help matters especially after a check raise. AA is only bluff catching at this point. not a lot of players can make this fold especially in the donkey stakes…but in a Super Millions 10k buy in them boyz are zoned in and locked in.

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