[UPDATE] Poker Fraud Loses $1 Million | Only Friends Pod Ep 272 | w/Matt Berkey

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Join Matt Berkey, Landon Tice and the rest of the Solve for Why team as they discuss the big topics within the poker community as well as current events and strategy.

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00:00 Countdown
05:01 Introduction 
06:05 How much did Airball lose in the match and in massages? 
09:54 Berkey’s outlook as the match came to a close and Airball’s change in play 
17:12 Colpoys fell for the Airball trap 
19:15 Where did Airball’s strategy go wrong? 
23:01 Berkey discusses the lack of swings throughout the match 
28:22 How did Airball leave the match? 
30:31 Did people actually believe Airball was talented? 
34:17 How did Berkey approach the match initially? 
39:22 Clip of Giannis talking about failure 
43:05 Berkey’s one verbal altercation with Airball 
46:15 What’s next for the Berkey vs Airball saga? 
54:00 Who else would Berkey consider playing? 
56:02 WSOP is upon us
58:55 Upcoming MTT academy 
1:02:15 Clip of Vertucci with some choice words for the Poker Karen 
1:07:45 Discussion on Doug and his spreading of misinformation 
1:29:53 Closing thoughts

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[UPDATE] Poker Fraud Loses $1 Million  |  Only Friends Pod Ep 272 | w/Matt Berkey

10 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Poker Fraud Loses $1 Million | Only Friends Pod Ep 272 | w/Matt Berkey

  1. You talk a lot about me on this podcast a lot for a one way feud

  2. Airball was in over his head in this match and he should not have agreed to play in Vegas off stream. With that said can never be on his team after leading the torch to crucify and burn Robbie at the stake, convicting her without 0% proof of evidence of guilt.

    It’s ironic how Berkey says about Airballs strategy was basically “throwing bad against the wall and hoping something sticks”.

    When Garret was doing exactly that with the Robbie situation, making up bs conspiracies, with the vibrating chair, or inside job, etc. without any proof or evidence…and hoping something would stick.

    It’s sad because Berkey has high intellect, and associating himself with Garret or Daniel, these liberal scumbags, when he could be so much more.

  3. Daniel Negreanu is the type of guy who would’ve been completely ok and fine with the ConVid lockdowns indefinitely, and Biden sending his goons door to door forcing us to get the 💉

    That’s the type of person that man is. He’s a massive liberal, LGBTQIA, Zionist.

  4. I officially challenge Berkey to his next heads up match:

    $2-$5 with $1000 stop loss
    Can’t sell pieces let’s play for rolls

  5. Did you ever consider that maybe he won? Idk how lucrative it is being a poker influencer but perhaps he just paid $1mil to skip the hard work of grinding YT for years.

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