Value Betting Lesson – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Online Hold em Poker Coaching

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Video Description
In this video, I cover value betting, and how to get the most out of your big poker hands. This video is specific to No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker.

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Value Betting Lesson – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Online Hold em Poker Coaching

10 thoughts on “Value Betting Lesson – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Online Hold em Poker Coaching

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  2. I normally limp in with small pairs 22-99 or flat call a raise but my problem is playing AK-AJ people call with small connectors knowing you have strong hand like AK and they just call you down as long they don't see a high card I know i should fold but it drives me mad lol and soon you check they go for big raise they get alot of pots like that how do you deal with that?

  3. I just shove allin pre-flop with every big ace and every big pair. I don't need to think at all. It's the best system ever!!
    Give me a shout for more advice!

  4. wow, I couldn't even pull myself together, to reply to that nit-wit that doesn't understand sarcastic humor AND believes in luck AND thinks poker is a game of chance. Poker is a game of skill, not chance. That is the main reason it is becoming legal from state to state. Also, there is no such basis for "luck", it is a sad word used by people to explain fortunate or unfortunate events. In poker, math (and life) there is variance. That is a term, that anyone relying on "luck" should learn.
    Now, I'd like to get back to my thread sabotaging, thank you !! 

  5. I'm getting pissed off brother. I keep losing with strong hands. I'm taking advice well and applying it but it doesn't matter sometimes. love it

  6. I only ever call, check, raise or shove, with pocket aces or better. Whacking off during tournaments, can be distracting. I find boobs distracting. Mmmm, boooobs Whack whack whack whack whack whack whack…

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