What Are HAND RANGES? Poker Tips with Daniel Negreanu

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Full “Getting Familiar with Ranges” can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7rLc7mx000

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What Are HAND RANGES? Poker Tips with Daniel Negreanu

5 thoughts on “What Are HAND RANGES? Poker Tips with Daniel Negreanu

  1. Any poker coach/book/guru will tell you there are no never's there are no always'. If the Dirty Diaper game is on, then a raise first in from UTG with deuce-three is totally viable, lol. That being said, Thank you for all your work to educate damasses like me. As for MasterClass, I would say the best on there is a toss up between yours and Chris Voss'

  2. I tried to play poker like this with my brothers dumb ass friends and they ended up smoking me because they were too dumb to know how they SHOULD play a hand, soooo….

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