What Doyle Brunson taught me: Best poker advice ever | Ask Alec: Poker advice from pros

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I had the opportunity to play a memorable session of high stakes poker with Doyle Brunson (in Bobby’s Room) when I was younger and it was an experience that would end up having a profound impact on me. Little did I know at the time, when Doyle Brunson decided to rebrand Doyle’s Room, as the home of the next generation featuring some of best and brightest talent that the poker online community had to offer – The Brunson 10 – Doyle selected myself along with Amit Makhija and Zach Clark as the first three members of the exclusive 10-member group.

In this video I will share some of my favorite moments with Doyle Brunson and the best poker advice ever.

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What Doyle Brunson taught me: Best poker advice ever | Ask Alec: Poker advice from pros

10 thoughts on “What Doyle Brunson taught me: Best poker advice ever | Ask Alec: Poker advice from pros

  1. Hi Alec. Brought up fun times about us talking. It's true, I did all sorts of crazy investments, like finding the Titanic, Finding Noah's Arc, Searching for Bigfoot, and many more. I've thought a lot about why. The truth is it was out of boredom. Poker was so easy back then because there were no classes about poker, no books, and no computers. I had a work ethic about learning the odds on different games so I was way ahead of my time.

  2. Hey Alec I have been following you for a long time and your videos helped me became a pro.Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge. I havent watch you for a while and now when i hear the intro sound brought me many memories from when I was extremely exited and dedicated to poker. Your intro music is classic. Thanks again.

  3. Would you ever see yourself never playing poker again. I find it odd how a Doug Polk can reach the pinnacle and just never play it recreationally. I guess burnout is real. But there aren't many other lifelong skills where you can be competitive.

  4. Best advice I have heard, Alec. It must have been interesting to have played with Doyle.

    It is important to expand your horizons and try new things. But in a way that you would only continue with those things if they help advance your lifetime goals. Be it poker or some other thing.

  5. Start at 3 minutes if u dont want to hear advertising. Half of the video is selling. Great info as well after 3 mins.

  6. Doyle Brunson said if ur good at poker, stick with it. Save 7 minutes of ur life. 😂

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