What I Wish I Knew at 21 (From College Dropout to Poker Pro)

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What would a successful high stakes poker player teach a younger version of himself? Here’s what poker pro Phil Galfond wishes he knew at 21 and some of the changes he might have made.

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There are multiple important concepts and lessons that the Phil Galfond of today wishes his 21 year old self knew.

In ‘What I Wish I Knew at 21 (From College Dropout to Poker Pro)’, Phil Galfond begins by highlighting how structure may have been helpful in his poker journey.

Structure is a multi-layered concept for a high stakes poker player, from implementing structure in the way you play poker to maintaining your poker skills and structure when entering relationships.

Phil also highlights what it was like being a successful business owner as part of Run it Once Training, and then going through the launch and eventual sale of the online poker site Run it Once Poker.

Phil also discusses the value of investing.

If we’re talking about money, investing outside of poker allows you to diversify your risk.

If we’re talking about long-term growth, investing in your skills and investing in your physical health when you have the time available and it doesn’t cost you as much are paramount.

It’s also a key concept to seek out wisdom and mentors from those people who have actually accomplished the goals you want to accomplish.

As Phil highlights in his story featuring poker cash game coach Tommy Angelo, when they did their live coaching session in Las Vegas, he had no idea what he didn’t know and (more importantly) what he needed to know.

They didn’t study poker cash game strategy, but the poker strategy they did discuss was key in Phil developing long term as a poker pro.



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What I Wish I Knew at 21 (From College Dropout to Poker Pro)

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  1. What about a poker site where people pay a subscription fee every month but it's rake free?

  2. Love the content. Informative, grounded, relaxing, high-production. Your article writing is fire too btw, just to mention the elephant in the room.

  3. Great piece of content once again Phil, these videos + your newsletters have really been helping me lately.

  4. 0.49 -Is that Ike hanging with you? Would we know any of the other guys in that cool pic? Looks like young guys with no worries having a ball hanging out. Pretty cool

  5. I could listen to this man, who I am10 yrs older than and been playing poker professionally for 10 years longer, talk for an hour about stubbing his big toe and I would bet money that I would gain a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from that big toe story. Can you have a mentor who's 10 yrs younger? I'm in, hit me up Mr. Galfond, I'm listening.

  6. I'm 37. From the videos you share and the stories you tell, it seems we have similar mindsets/personalities and we grew up on somewhat similar paths. Difference is I never was able to find the same financial success in poker as you did. I'm not sure what my point in writing this is other then to tell you that the content you put out is very inspiring and motivating. Please keep on doing it. No one else articulates it as well as you do.

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