What’s the BEST Poker Book? (My Personal Poker Pro Favorites!)

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These are my ideas for what the best poker book might be, and also where you might want to look instead of a poker book to improve as a poker player. Poker training has moved beyond books 🤯!

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I personally found a lot of value reading The Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo who was a coach and mentor of mine.

The FIRST poker book I ever read and really liked was Hold ‘em Poker For Advanced Players by David Sklansky, and from that book I found The Theory of Poker which was the foundation of my poker strategy for a while (but it was 20 years ago!)

I haven’t read this next suggestion but plenty of poker players and poker pros swear by The Mathematics of Poker by Bill Chen.

For poker training though, what I would recommend above all of those is to actually get an updated online video poker course.

There are very strong and current poker training courses from absolute crushing poker players available, take a search and find your fit!

Whether you are a poker beginner or a professional poker player, you need to be thinking about varying your practice and poker study just as much as you try to vary your poker play when you’re playing against a tricky opponent.

If you’re building huge chip stacks already but still looking for how to improve at Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Hold ‘em, or big bet poker in general, Phil Galfond is here to teach you how to think like a professional poker player.

Are you a new poker player or a poker beginner? Do you just need the best Texas Hold’em poker strategy and best Pot Limit Omaha poker tips, or do you have a high stakes poker related question you’d like a poker professional’s advice on?

Leave a comment and your question might end up in the next one of Phil’s quick poker tips videos!

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What’s the BEST Poker Book? (My Personal Poker Pro Favorites!)

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  1. Notice kids, they are teaching us solvers but once u play live and have to click ur own chips….. it’s gonna seem scary….. my advice like maybe Phil’s, “play small and follow what the good players do and incorporate some aspects into ur own game

  2. The best poker book is Super system,maybe not useful for today's games but it's a classic

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