Why do Poker Players Hate Pocket Jacks?

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I don’t mind pocket jacks like most people do. Let me explain why poker players hate pocket jacks, and how to play pocket jacks like a pro!

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Playing pocket jacks (or Jiggities as Brad Owen calls them!) doesn’t have to be as difficult as some new and even experienced poker players make it.

If you 3-bet and get 4-bet, you can play them the same way you would play pocket 9’s pre-flop if your opponent is tight and just fold.

If you think your opponent is more loose-aggressive and you have enough equity, you can very easily call pre-flop and find good boards to call down on, remember that you aren’t committed to calling any more bets post-flop.

Find good spots to continue vs the right player types and vs the tight poker players you can definitely fold! That Old Man Coffee who has only raised once in the last four hours probably always has it when he cold 4-bets you.

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Why do Poker Players Hate Pocket Jacks?

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  1. I have been playing and following poker beside jobs for like 15 years. I have never met a super pro but if i had to choose one to spend a fun week in Vegas with it would definitely be the one and only Phil Falcon! 😀

  2. I remember back in the days when i played Lena900 @ svenskaspel, JJ back then was a monster.. altho myy experience was negative for me and lena900 went away with the money

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