Why do Poker Players Run it Twice?

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Poker pro Phil Galfond explains what it means to Run it Twice and answers why Poker Players often run out the board more than once.

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As stated in the video, poker players often run the board out twice to help reduce the amount of variance in play. In games like no limit hold em, or pot limit Omaha, you are rarely going to be 100% to win the hand, because your opponent can almost always suck out on you.

Playing poker and running the cards more than once means that you are only playing for half of the pot on each run out, which means that it’s less likely for one person to win the pot even if they suck out! When you run it twice, bad beats don’t hurt so bad, although you’ll also be winning the full pot less often.

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Why do Poker Players Run it Twice?

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  1. They used to have run it twice tournaments in Europe. I have never played it, but it sounds like a lot of fun. With ICM implications, there are definitely times where it would affect the game

  2. What does it usually mean for the dealer if the pot is chopped? Do dealers get tipped on chopped pots?

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