Why ISN’T Poker Gambling?

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Why isn’t poker gambling? Well, the answer has some nuance. Poker technically is gambling but, using poker strategy, it’s one of the few ‘beatable’ gambling games. What does that mean? Let’s discuss!

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It’s important to remember that poker strategy game with gambling at its core.

If you’re playing poker and expecting to win your mental game, and your in-game win rate, may suffer for it.

You’re playing poker after all, there’s always a chance of a bad beat or a suck out!

Properly implemented poker strategy allows you to gain an ‘edge’ or a potential win-rate over your opponents, you aren’t going to find an edge in normal casino games like craps, roulette, blackjack, or the slots!

The thing about an edge is that you only realize those wins and that win-rate over time, in the short term your edge can be easily negated by your opponent going on a sick run of cards in all-in spots!

Playing poker well consistently in the face of bad beats requires mental game fortitude and effective bankroll management(especially if you’re playing a high variance game like HU PLO!)

It’s also important to remember that poker is gambling in the same way that participating in the stock market or crossing the street is gambling.
You make choices throughout your day that come with some sort of risk, poker allows you to grab a clearer understanding of that risk and eventually teaches you how to deal with the worst case scenario (over and over and over again).

If you’re building huge chip stacks already but still looking for how to improve at pot limit omaha, no limit hold ‘em, or poker in general, Phil Galfond is here to teach you how to think like a professional poker player.

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Why ISN’T Poker Gambling?

10 thoughts on “Why ISN’T Poker Gambling?

  1. The best example is that it’s gambling the same way the house gambles or a card counter gambles. You have an edge in the long run if you play out the numbers.

  2. People get upset against things they have no idea what they are. Gambling is one of them.

    Faith is another one. When you buy a can of tomato sauce you have faith that the company actually put tomato sauce inside.

    Drugs definately. As for anyone who has the smallest idea on how reality works it's not a matter of debate that we're experiencing a constant trip that we have became oblivious to it.

    End of rant.

  3. Working a 9-5 job is gambling. There's a chance one day you won't get your paycheck for the last couple weeks of work.

  4. 85% of players are losing players. Almost everyone makes money in the stock market

  5. Even the safest forms of investing is gambling. The difference from bonds and broad based mutual funds vs a casino is that with proper direction traditional investing returns a much higher expectation of positive return. But you still can lose money, in all cases, investments or cards.

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