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It’s time for the 2019 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and I show you my week of prep leading up to the festival in this travel vlog. We start in Hong Kong and move on to Macau to explore the casinos and restaurants, it’s then time to take what can only be described as the journey from hell to Las Vegas. We find ourselves sat down at a Poker table pretty quickly!

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I had an amazing time creating this video and spent most of it stood up dancing around whilst doing it. It reminded me of my time at Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within back in April 2017. Getting up and just dancing around can really be the kick start you need into changing your mood and feelings for the rest of the day.

We spend most of our day sat down consuming everything that is thrown to us through Social Media and the internet. Why not change it up today? Stand up, turn your speakers up, experience this video in a different way and shake that ass!

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AL’sic – Paradise

Niwel & Eneko Artola – Duality

Ikson – Reveal

Ikson – Smile


Camera: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II, DJI Pocket Osmo, Google Pixel 2 Smartphone.
Selfie Stick: Attanta Monopod, PGYTech.
Tripod: GorillaPod 1K Kit, PGYTech.
Microphone: Boya BY-M1
Software: Filmora Video Editor

Source: YouTube

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10 thoughts on “WSOP POKER PREPARATION 2019 – HK to MACAU to LAS VEGAS | Travel Vlog

  1. You taught us about smart trousers in the Bahamas! It’s going to be a great summer!

  2. The kids will obviously be making some dance videos! We love supporting the Breathe Foundation:

  3. Hey Oliver.. Curt in Thailand .. if you recall, I was the one who was profoundly disappointed in WPT Vietnam. (Double rake!!! No service, 100,000 dong for water in a big buy in tourney, run down third rate card room like something in East Los Angeles in the 1990's and ZERO ZERO zero security in s dangerous 3rd world, side street location. Even getting a players card or at the buy-in window, the service was terrible)
    (Positive person, but keeping it real with that awful awful tourney)
    As a side note, WPT at Commerce in L.A. ran like a top under Mat Savage.. I cashed twice that week.
    Flying to Vegas tomorrow .. playing several small buy-in bracelet tourneys .. and I'll say hello if I see you in the Halls of the Rio. Last time I was there, I cashed the 1st ever Colosus.. 22,000 player madness.
    *I agree, I appreciate your positive vibe and genuine attitude.
    Curt in Thailand approved.

  4. Cool stuff man. Shocked you seemed so calm and happy given the massive delays on arrival into Vegas!

  5. Great vlogs dude, keep grinding them out in this quality and your channel will be big in no time 🙂

  6. Great video as always Oliver! Brutal travel experience you had actually getting to vegas. Just saw I had a notification to another new video but it’s been taken down?

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