10 thoughts on “1st Time It’s Possible on Roulette History || Longer Winning Mission to Roulette

  1. This is not the maximum winning strategy cause if it hit 1 and 34 a few time all those multi winning would be down the drain. This is the stay in balance strategy I would call it..in roulette the maximum winning is by betting one number and winning it from that 1 number, even tho the odds is less but if its gonna hit its going to hit, just like number 16 imagine putting the whole 370 on 16 and hitter 3x, u Hella up already by 30grand instead 1 grand at most and the strategy u saying take way too long trying to win

  2. อีก 5% ที่เหลือ คือจุดตาย ที่พ่อฝรั่งยังทำไม่ได้เลย

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