$3,000 Roulette Spins Because Crazy Time Fails!!!

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Todays Session: Crazy Time Failed So We Did Some 3K Roulette Spins To Finish The Session!

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$3,000 Roulette Spins Because Crazy Time Fails!!!

10 thoughts on “$3,000 Roulette Spins Because Crazy Time Fails!!!

  1. What an absolute troll name for the video, where was the roulette? You didnt even manage more than 2 minutes 😂

  2. But what going on u were on funky times why not go back the next million is there😂

  3. Said Goodbye forever to CT. Ain't going there anymore. It's been more than 8 months noW.

  4. Plz don’t wasted ur money with crazy time plz plz don’t wasted of ur money man🫵😡

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