Can You Learn Guitar Online? & Other Questions (Question Roulette #2)

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I’m currently traveling, but I pre-recorded this random style Q&A!

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Can You Learn Guitar Online? & Other Questions (Question Roulette #2)

10 thoughts on “Can You Learn Guitar Online? & Other Questions (Question Roulette #2)

  1. I have an ltd f10
    I really like the design, i wanted to buy an ltd frx407 but my budget is extremely limited
    i suggest u to check it out
    Good Job BTW Your Channel Will Grow Up Soon Like Jared dines and Stevie T

  2. Could you do a video about developing better timing? I can finger chords well and quick enough, but if I play with a metronome or play along with songs my timing is clearly out to lunch . Some exercises, or if you have any tips that would be great. I'm sure there would be interest for beginner level all the way to intermediate level exercises.

  3. You are an inspiration for me Rachel. I have recently decided to learn to play, and I'm so glad I found your channel. Thank you for giving us your time. xo

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