Easy Trick to Winning Roulette, No Catches or Pay to Use just Easy Technique

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This is my roulette system that I have been using for a long time now, it puts you on the best odds possible, don’t bee fooled by the people that want to sell their systems on line, just watch this video, take notes, and put it to use, if you use properly and don’t stray, which it easy, it took me along time to stick to it, you can a will make money, you won’t get rich instantly, but you can make a steady income and be your own boss

Knowing how to beat the odds can make you money, knowing when to walk away and be up is the only way to keep it, making money off the casino can be easy, you just have to stick to a plan and don’t deviate

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Easy Trick to Winning Roulette, No Catches or Pay to Use just Easy Technique

10 thoughts on “Easy Trick to Winning Roulette, No Catches or Pay to Use just Easy Technique

  1. this system dont work i tried it first it was fine but then roulette always wins

  2. Do yourselves a favor and forget about mechanical systems that win. The way to win is by: choosing the right wheel, (single zero), having a good money management system, having enough bankroll and aiming only for 10-30% profits per session. The best book that explains all this is The Roulette Winner by Lee Tutor. It shows how to win small amounts and also shows an excellent dealer signature method.

  3. i was going to try and leave a clever comment, but it just dawned on me i don't know what I'm talking about.

  4. On the 7th spin you are risking $1458.00 just to win $1.00. I would rather just keep betting $1.00 on red or black and sooner or later you would win the $1.00, but you wouldn't lose nearly as much.

  5. I'm reading the comments and shaking my head. Guys there is no "100%" guaranteed winning roulette system. This system has it's merits. The problem is every once in awhile you will have a run where 10-12 times in a row it lands on the losing (12 set) of numbers. This is a martingale system of betting. You might be able to win more money than u lose short term. But long term those bad streaks will destroy your bankroll. And of course there is the problem of table limits to contend with too.

  6. Hello there… Very interesting strategy. I have a question… Why not do the exact same thing… but with 5 split streets instead of only 4? It would increase your odds!? Again triple on losses – smart instead of normal Martingale…

  7. I am sorry if I understood this wrong – but if you get the wrong number 7 times in a row you are wiped out. With your strategy there are 14 numbers that you will lose on. I think the odds of those 14 hitting within 7 times is actually very high!?!? However – if you add one split street you only have 7 (8 on USA) – which are much better odds… in fact the best I have ever come across!? Again triple when lose is the right way… I will test. 🙂

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