Episode #152 featuring Gina K. (@GinaKDesigns-StampTV)

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Episode #152 featuring Gina K. (@GinaKDesigns-StampTV)

10 thoughts on “Episode #152 featuring Gina K. (@GinaKDesigns-StampTV)

  1. What FUNN with Gina K she is a lovely person thank you ladies for such an entertaining, instructive and creative show 💋🧠💜🧡🌈👍🥰xoxo

  2. I had so much fun watching this show on replay, it’s my second time watching. My first one was last week. I laughed a lot and those are precious in such a challenging world so thanks! Gina, your story you shared about your mom and the box of only handmade cards was so touching and sweet. I teared up so thanks for sharing! Also Gina, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE more critter stamps and less flowers. I love your critter stamps but there’s just not that many. Thanks for a fun time Mary and Gina!

  3. I like to send seasonal cards and my mom puts them out with seasonal decorations. How nice to contribute to decorating her home.

  4. I was rewatching this (Mostly because it overlapped with part of BellaCon) an this was such a great episode. Thanks for all you guys do @CraftRoulette

  5. Watching on replay as I missed the main parts of this show; this was so entertaining!! I loved GinaK’s card as well as Mary’s, both very inspirational. These parameters are making me KMB… Thanks Stephen, Mary, and of course GinaK. ✨🎉❤

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