Every CEG Roulette System Review since January!

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Jack Hayes has cataloged every system and every spin by the CEG Dealer School since January, 2022. This is over 100 systems and over 1600 spins.

Learn how to use this catalog to find the system that will work best for you.

0:42 – Roulette System Catalog URL
1:00 – How to find a system that suits you
1:28 – System Details Page
1:48 – Betting Graphic Explained
2:02 – Spin-by-Spin results area
2:12 – What are Friends?
3:10 – Spin Distribution Page
3:29 – How is the JackAce Rating determined?
4:33 – How can you help contribute?
5:14 – Can you win in Roulette?

What are “Nullified Bets” in Roulette?

How to use the JackAce Roulette Bet Analyzer Tool:

What is the “Distributive Property” of Roulette Betting?

Learn all the Basics of Roulette Math:

Help contribute to the catalog!

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Every CEG Roulette System Review since January!

6 thoughts on “Every CEG Roulette System Review since January!

  1. Well as part of your group of followers I really appreciate what you've done I'll have to go back and look and see if I can't research some of their grapefruit systems that they had a couple of years ago and give you the name of them so you can find them on YouTube and you can give them a rating thank you again for all your hard work and you do a fantastic job for the community

  2. My system on C.E.G. is " 9 split". It's 18 numbers, half the wheel. It makes roulette a coin flip.

  3. As someone who found your work with via the CEG/CQ discord. I am blown away how in detailed your system pages are. Your work is a massive grapefruit.

  4. I like the CEG videos. This is a great breakdown of all the systems. I did good in New Orleans on the Peach Cobbler system. I like how you explained the Holy Splits system with the same but easier bet. I liked that one as well, but your method is simpler. Also, do you mean you have been reviewing since January of 2021? The first system on your page is from December 2019. Or is that when you started the project?

  5. You did all the work for me, no need to write all the systems in my notebook anymore or do mental math haha. On a serious note amazing job I can't wait for this channel to blow up soon. Well much deserved.

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