FFTA2: low level Brightmoon Tor solo – Roulette Abuse

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is a very unbalanced game.
To demonstrate, I present Roulette abuse.

I know. Level 32 isn’t THAT low, and it’s only the Top Floor of the First Watch. Don’t flame me too harshly for a misleading title.


(1) Ninja
(2) Blue Mage
(R) Reflex
(P) Shieldbearer

Azure Tear
Reverie Shield
Reverie Shield
Moon Maiden

Here’s how it works. The Blue Mage’s Roulette spell randomly auto-KOs 1 unit on the field. When there are most enemies than allies, the chances for Roulette to hit the enemies becomes higher than 50%. When it’s 6 against 1, the chances of Roulette hitting an enemy is about 85.7% – higher than a Tranq’d Last Breath from an Assassin.

Of course, it is easy to lose the battle when there is only 1 unit on your side. That’s where the equipment comes in. Between the Ninja job’s natural 15 Evasion and the added 65 Evasion from the equipment, most attacks have only a 20% chance of hitting the Hume. The last equipment should be something to negate OHKO, in case Roulette happens to land on the user. This equipment can be Wygar or Ribbon. The offensive power of Roulette and the defense power of high evasion join forces to create a powerful unit.

Understand that there are weaknesses to this build. Firstly, the Hume must be alone to optimize Roulette. If an enemy is immune to OHKO, you must rely on the Blue Mage’s Matra Magic for that enemy. Both Roulette and evasion depend on probability to work in favor of the expected outcome – this build is not for the unlucky.

1. I did use Action Replay to give my unit Abilities, but only to save 20 minutes of my time. It is perfectly possible for a level 32 Hume to learn Roulette.
2. Because the Hume’s level and speed are so low, it didn’t get a chance to act until 1:35 minutes into the video. Be patient as you witness amazing dodging skills!
3. Good Clan Privileges for this evasion build are Agility Up 5, MP Channeling, and MP Efficiency. Agility Up 5 is more defensive, and the latter two are faster.
4. The 1st and 3rd Roulette, which have a 20% and a 25% chance of failing respectively, both failed. Because of this and the fact my Hume got Speeed-, this video is 2 minutes longer than it needs to be.
5. My Hume did dodge a bit more than expected in the second half, but it wouldn’t have needed to if the 1st and 3rd Roulette didn’t fail. Also a female Hume would have been better for this battle. Equipping a Ribbon instead of Wygar negates Goo, which negates Immobilization, which allows Reflex to work more often.

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FFTA2: low level Brightmoon Tor solo – Roulette Abuse

10 thoughts on “FFTA2: low level Brightmoon Tor solo – Roulette Abuse

  1. i recommend a girl hume like adelle or frimelda … for full immunity to debuffs …

  2. at the moment of typing this i am doing this battle for the first time i don't know how your meant to beat this without abuse my party is all around lvl 40ish i dont think its worth attempting until i'm much higher by the looks of things i do have a blue mage in the party oddly enough but he doesnt have roulette =(

  3. i couldnt beat this with level 91 adelle, rest of team 89 a year or so ago…. 🙁

  4. i couldnt beat this with level 91 adelle, rest of team 89 a year or so ago…. 🙁 i feel like a failure

  5. wanna know whats funny? im pretty much playing this game blind and i saw i unlocked this so i tried it and made it to this floor (my team is level 40-60) then i saw the level 90 nemeshis's… i quicksaved and (considering i still dont have roulete)  prepared to get my a$$ beaten… still dont know whats gonna happen but i may have a good idea… still dat dificulty spike though

  6. Replayed this game so many times and the first one too.
     I love doing cheesy/op bad like this. r.i.p in peace FFTA assassin.

  7. the uploader talks about balanced game like its Street fighter or Tekken…. its not that important here

  8. ahahaha cool I did something similar with a lvl40 assasin/green mage (I did get quite lucky)

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