How to play roulette like a pro

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In this Video you will learn the rules the Bets and the payouts of Roulette and you’ll learn how to play roulette like a pro ,so we will explain:
0:14 The difference types of Roulettes American(double zero) and European (single zero).
0:53 Roulette etiquette.
1:31 Wheel layout analysis.
1:38 Outside Bets : the grid of the 36 numbers each of these bets includes eighteen numbers and has roughly a 50/50 chance to win these are the red numbers, the black numbers, thee odd numbers, the even numbers, the low numbers from 1 to eighteen, the high numbers from 19 to 36.
3:17 Inside Bets : which cover less numbers than the outside ,6-Line, Corner, Street, Split, Straight up on Single Number.

4:10 Payout examples with real money amounts.
4:49 Full table with Probabilities to Win and Profit for each bet
4:15 Wheel based sector bets : Voisin du zero which cover 17 numbers and requires nine chips or “Orphelins” or Orphans which covers eight numbers and requires five chips and “Tiers” which covers 12 numbers and requires six chips.
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How to play roulette like a pro