I love this Roulette System Won $270 in 9 minutes by Jeffrey Isenberg

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I love this Roulette System Won $270 in 9 minutes by Jeffrey Isenberg

10 thoughts on “I love this Roulette System Won $270 in 9 minutes by Jeffrey Isenberg

  1. I am glad to see this worked well on the video, but you may want to start over with 1 unit each time you hit a bank high which is actually what I requested when I developed it. For example, if you are playing $10 units and miss at 10 and 30 but hit at 50, you would be up $10 and you would go back to 1 unit instead of going to 40. Also, you would pick up 2 units with the $30 bet instead of 1. The only time your bank wouldn't increase is if you have 3 or more misses in a row, then you would go 2 up, 1 down until you surpassed your high bank total, then start over. Less risk doing it that way although your bank can build faster the way it was done on the video, just higher risk.

  2. Nice video! Kudos to Jeffrey for submitting a great system! Online players like me can easily adapt this to $1 units and a smaller bankroll. Thank you Roulette Master!

  3. I like this strategy. It's basically follow the leader if you look at it because your downfall will be RBRBRBRBRBRB but it's a good and safe system

  4. Nice strategy but chops can go over 10 spins and may be hard to get recover. Any way of avoiding chops?

  5. would be great for the brick and mortar casinos but online if you get a streak of blacks they'll kick you from the table for missing too many spins ,, it's not the end of the world if you're kicked you can just go back in but it def gets annoying having to be kicked and going back in multiple times

  6. This one worked well. Agree with Isenberg start over after reaching high. Good suggestions in the post for this video. Will have to try them. Here's one for you to try. Found it at Man's Life Roulette. https://youtu.be/efdpzKTkBME . have tried it several times (5) on low limit table and have yet to lose.

  7. I've tried this one a couple times simulating seems to be pretty good. now we need to go to the casino and see if it works, should this one be used on a simulator at casino or live

  8. I like the fact of sitting out. Seems pretty safe. I would probably be watching hi/lo and odd/even once I get comfortable with the red/black. Thanks Jeffrey, and thank you RM for running it!

  9. Once you've already hit 3 in a row black for example just adopt play like a pro and go back to red essentially giving you two systems in one based on how the wheel is spinning. That's my modification

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