I Love Zero Exciting Roulette System

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How to win big money at the Casino playing Roulette with new strategies tested at 9am every day. Use Martingale, outside bets, straight up, streets, six lines, splits, with bankrolls to fit every budget. Subscribers are encouraged to share their ideas and The Roulette Master will share and test them in new videos. Messages are answered promptly and are encouraged. Please Subscribe!! Turn on notifications!! Share content!!

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I Love Zero Exciting Roulette System

8 thoughts on “I Love Zero Exciting Roulette System

  1. ফেলিসিডেস, এটি মিনাংকাবাউ উদাহরণ। 250 sentadillas son unos KIYOHARAA.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Dadi dejac ver que hay muy buenos ফলাফল 😍👍

  2. High risk high reward. Will need large bankroll to overcome losses.

  3. It’s like the two dozens two columns system with a bit less coverage at 22, 23 & 24. There are a few on this site that post systems like this every day always advertising 100% winning or something on that order. They all work the same way, high coverage, high bets and a total loss area with super high amounts added for a recovery. I find it amusing but a new player might think this is the best thing since sliced bread. Always plan on a loss because they always happen at a bad time. 🤷‍♂️

  4. With this system it's best to do a hit and walk out the door. Then come back later in the day or another day and do the hit and walk out again.

  5. The issue with this system is not hitting the 5 catastrophic numbers two times in a row like with the Unicorn method (twice in a row with 5 numbers is a rare event, occurring according to statistics once in every 55 decisions.) The issue is besides the 5 big loss numbers there are 12 other numbers that can hit that will keep your $870 bet exposed to that big loss potential even though you are getting $90 a spin in some cases. With the Unicorn and other inside systems that cover most of the numbers you are betting a lot more but the math is even. You only need one hit before you reduce back to the base level. With this system today your recovery bet is exposed to not only the 5 catastrophic loss numbers but those other 12 that keep your large bet in place. Those 5 big loss numbers will hit, statistically once every 7 spins. Keeping that big bet in place while hitting those other 12 numbers that don't allow you to reset is the real risk to this method. This is why I prefer outside bets to the plethora of inside number combinations of systems. Thank you Roulette Master!

  6. Not for me, wouldn't take the chance of losing 2 in a row as seen it happen plenty of times.

  7. All online games have some kind of communication with the player. When you make a bet, it goes to the server. And the server will send you an answer. Evolution games are very difficult. He knows the numbers you left blank. And when you have a chance, the number you left blank comes up. That's why you'll never win. Can I cheat on the server? Yes, I've done it a hundred times. I've added hundreds of videos to prove it. It's all on my channel. If you're telling the truth, you have to prove it.

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