Must See 9 Number Roulette System By Bill!!

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Must See 9 Number Roulette System By Bill!!

10 thoughts on “Must See 9 Number Roulette System By Bill!!

  1. I like it. The only thing I would change would be to not advance to the next 9 number section after 3 losses. Just stay where you are till a win. That’s just because I am not a big fan of moving around. We have all had many times where as soon as you move if you would of stayed where you were you would of hit on that next spin. Going to do the math and some simulator testing on this one. It’s really only 3 numbers different than playing a dozen. Hummmmm πŸ€”

  2. I tried it and surprisingly I had good luck with it. But we know that can change in a hurry. The only thing I did was to raise the unit to 3 dollars. If things were going well, I went to $5.

  3. Nice inside number system. Someone suggested waiting on a sector to not hit for several tries and I agree with that strategy. If you think the losing streaks can get long betting on 1/3 of the wheel, try betting on only 1/4. They will, of course, be worse. The math is 4/3 = 1.3333…infinity; so 1.3 to the tenth power is 17.75. You will statistically have a 10 in a row loss every 18 decisions or so! I think waiting for a few hits before starting is a good idea. Thank you Roulette Master!

  4. Yeah…. Ran this one on my simulator…. Won't be putting any money on this one…lol

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  6. Why make it so complicated. Use low 1-18 or 19-36 follow the leader. On demo I made $100 in 30 seconds using $25 bet

  7. Here is one of the slowest progressions for a single dozen that so far in my testing on several different simulators that has worked every time…so far. 2 – 2–2–3–3–3–4–4–5 –5 –6 –7 –8 –9 –10 – 11 – 12– 14 – 16–18 – 20 – 22–20 – 5–28–30– 32–35–40– 45–50– 55–60 – 70– 80– 90–100 Simply pick a dozen and off you go. You progress one unit for each loss and go back 3 on a win. For a more aggressive play don’t go back 3 on a win. Go back 1 or 2 if you like on a win or you can start the progression up a bit more than 2 if you like. I start at 3 since I am such a big low roller 🀣 This can withstand a lot more losses than wins but like any slow progression if you have a bunch of losses in a row and you hit a win you will have most of your built up bets paid off but you won’t be into profit. On a long loosing streak it takes 3 wins together or at least close together to get into profit. When you are in profit then start the progression back at the beginning. This might be way too slow for a lot of players so it’s not for everyone. Of course you can switch dozens anytime you want to. This is much slower than the up 2 for a loss and down 1 on a win system and even with that system after a certain amount of losses and you hit you will not be in profit without at least 2 or 3 close together wins. If you get 15 (I think that’s correct) losses in a row your losing bet total is just at $75 and your bet is at $10. A win at $10 knocks $30 off of that $75 so you are at $45. Another win at $10 takes you down to $15 and with one more in a row you are up $15. I never got up to a $10 bet without some scattered wins along the way, all of those knocking down your built up bets so you don’t always need to have 3 wins in a row. Even with one of my favorite betting systems, Labouchere , on a string of losses you need a few close together wins till you are in profit.

  8. Quarter slicing the wheel and playing clockwise around works better with the 3 spin system then crossing the board. You get more hits. I have tried many 9 number strategies without success. The old PRS system of waiting 9 spins without a hit to a 1/4 section. And the twelve 9 number combos moving on after 5 spins with Oscar grind progression. I have seen a new progression used with pie slicing of the wheel that works. And also with the crossing of all outside bets. I would like to share .

  9. I also tried and recommend for lower bets…$1 units on 3 lines and can play with $3 on 9 numbers.

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