Rigged Roulette table gives up its secrets

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Rigged Roulette table gives up its secrets

10 thoughts on “Rigged Roulette table gives up its secrets

  1. casino roulette rigged. any where in casino. do not play roulette. you will lose your money. because casino use control computer ball megnet.

  2. Casinos have become more sophisticated and use electromagnets to steal people's money today.

  3. Most casinos now use electomagnetic ball with the whole wheel consist eclectic magnets, some are even so advanced that that the whole table is full of RF sensors that sense the chips which are also fitted with RF element so it can know which player colour should win and which should lose. and will put the ball to number the computer decides. Just like in automatic roulette. If you want to play roulette ins a casino take a magnet with you and test the ball beforehand

  4. Today I was consistently putting money on number 36 when I run out of money then they come up with that number how

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