Roulette Course Are You Sick And Tired Of Losing At Roulette?

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How to beat the roulette
It’s Time to Learn the Secrets of Roulette Millionaires
Roulette is a great casino game—but if you’re not familiar with some of the more concepts, it’s all too easy to lose hundreds and even thousands of dollars at the turn of a wheel.
Obviously, that’s not ideal. But you can learn the secrets of the masters. With Roulette Course 2014, you’ll learn how you can turn losses into wins, time and time again!
• Discover the main traps—and how to avoid them
It’s time to be a roulette winner—join the Roulette Course.
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Roulette Learn the truth about Roulette, with the Roulette Course 2014

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Roulette Course Are You Sick And Tired Of Losing At Roulette?

10 thoughts on “Roulette Course Are You Sick And Tired Of Losing At Roulette?

  1. The big double OO's heh, ..
    The ball only understands velocity and bumps. It does not understand colors, numbers or how many times the cat licks its crotch. some say the manual wheel can be can be controlled by a talented employee,i doubt it. however the machine type wheels are different, they do what they were deigned to do, is the velocity the same for each throw ? does the ball get kicked out at the same location each time.?? i believe there are some repetitions . 
    I have witnessed 5 or 6 times the ball comes down in the very same area, how many spaces it rolls to a stop is impossible to predict, on some machines it seems to average about 5 or 6 but there are always the exceptions where the ball balances on the ledge and rolls all the way around before it lands. being able to predict where the ball comes down into the bumps is a great advantage though. i have pictures of times 3 -OO 's landed in a row etc. it happens.
    Has anyone else noticed wheels that repeat this way ?

  2. Your soo attractive. Could we get married and half a billion kids. I never want to get off you. Lol going back to businesses you forgot to add the bet ratio to loss ratio. Basically amounts on each bet. Also some table may have a slight tilt causing the numbers in that section to repeatedly coming up. Also your pretty…. also some casinos are rigged. Also most of the online games are rigged too. Does your method work in real casinos or online. Your write a lot. You thought of writing a book?

  3. Ok so I have tested your method and it does work let me be sure I have it correct place 9 chips for example I like red so 9 chips on red and then one chip on each of the double blacks which there are 5 double blacks and 4 double reds so I like to cover red then bet the black as you cover two more numbers this way is this correct and you make 40 each time if you are getting $10 chips ? I have spent many hours and thousands at the roulette table and your system does work I try all of them on an roulette app also planning on buying a table for videos and I plan to show this system does work and your so right on about the rest setting a amount to make having a bank roll it's important I believe when winning roulette


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