Roulette predict next number strategy

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To determine the winning number and

color, a croupier spins a wheel in

one direction, then spins a ball in

the opposite direction around a

tilted circular track running around

the outer edge of the wheel. The ball

eventually loses momentum, passes

through an area of deflectors, and

falls onto the wheel and into one of

37 (single zero French/European style

roulette) or 38 (double zero American

style roulette) colored and numbered

pockets on the wheel.



highly addictive and can cause

serious financial problems, please

note if you do gamble, only gamble

what you can afford to lose and set

limits! Gambling should not be seen

as a way to make money but only as

entertainment and remember the casino

will always win in the end due to

their house edges! If gambling has

become an issue for you then you can

speak with Gamcare:


is also now live and lets you put

controls in place to restrict your

online gambling activities. You will

be prevented from using gambling

websites and apps run by companies

licensed in Great Britain, for a

period of your choosing. ?? 18+ Only

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Roulette predict next number strategy

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  1. Hello, it looks fantastic !! Congratulations. I would like to learn the strategy, can you teach me? thanks.

  2. how u can predict that number? for me 18 always goes to 35,3,26,0,32,15 .. 11,8,23,30

  3. Single Zero Roulette with NO Table Limits! Play now:

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