Roulette Trick ALL Experts Know | What is Roulette’s “Distributive Property”?

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All veteran roulette players know about the Distributive Property of Roulette Betting. They just might not know what it’s called.

Every multi-number bet can be broken up into smaller sized straight-up bets without affecting your payouts in any way. Similarly, smaller bets can often be “rolled up” into larger sized multi-number bets.

Save time, prevent awkwardness, and identify possible “bet nullification” by learning about the Distributive Property.

The WHOLE reason why this video exists is so that I can reference it in my bet about “BET NULLIFICATION”. Knowing about the Distributive Property is nice and all, but you can’t really save money with it unless you apply it towards detecting Bet Nullification. So please watch my Bet Nullification video:

0:33 – What is the Distributive Property of Roulette?
1:23 – Does this really work? Let’s see an example.
2:46 – Terminology
3:14 – Distribution/Decomposition definition
3:25 – Consolidation definition
3:36 – Density/Equity per Spot definition
4:12 – Formulaic proof of equality
5:12 – Chart of payouts
5:20 – What can I do with this knowledge?
6:03 – Identifying “Bet Nullification” or betting on 36+ numbers

I LOVE THE FOLKS AT CEG DEALER SCHOOL! Any critique in this video about one of their reviews is a critique of the system they are reviewing, not their videos or their channel!

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Roulette Trick ALL Experts Know | What is Roulette’s “Distributive Property”?

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  1. Hai sir you r my boss yiur videos r soo help full videos. Im loss of money in roullet but i show your videos i win money. Thank u sir

  2. I like how you compare at the end to the systems that CEG shows. These systems are what fans send in and CEG rates them in their videos. CEG even comments that "There is no strategy" – Alex. Your system is interesting though. I will try and let you know. So double streets, corners, and splits are my thing now. LOL.

  3. Your video got suggested to me,,,so your doing something I just subbed. I have a small channel myself about craps. Do you play craps? Great content.

  4. Great content. I've been watching Casino Quest roulette systems and I started to understand this phenomenon. Making it simple is always better.

  5. Way to suck all the fun out of it with math. We get it- you’re the coolest guy in study hall. Unfortunately it’s more thrilling to have a number hit straight up. It’s entertainment- and since we’re going to use the guys at casino quest as reference material. Your math gets a durian from me. Are you the reach around police?

  6. Common sense : $6 on 2 streets = $1 on each of the 6 numbers, this is not NASA ?! just simple Grade 1 math

  7. Until you have overlapping Inside bets that will present you with a 'jackpot' win.

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