Russian Roulette | July – September 1941 | World War II

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Hitler’s plan for a swift victory in Russia was met with relentless resistance as the Soviet Red Army fiercely defended Moscow and Leningrad. The brutal winter weather also proved to be a formidable enemy for the German forces. Meanwhile, tensions in the Pacific were escalating as the US took steps to confront Japan’s aggression.

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Russian Roulette | July – September 1941 | World War II

10 thoughts on “Russian Roulette | July – September 1941 | World War II

  1. During WW2 the Western world toadied up to the most ruthless dictator in history to defeat another in the name of democracy and freedom for all.

    Now the brutality and deviousness of a modern totalitarian power little better than Stalin's regime in regards to human rights with an economic and political hold over Australia is again being overlooked due to expediency and what we might call progress. At what price?

    We call ourselves moral people. Greed, hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, wilful ignorance and realpolitik is what we're left with and it won't ultimately end well.

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

  2. Ww1 treaties were intentionally designed in such a way to start ww 2 the way they did. So that we could give the jews Israel.

  3. People need to understand why Russia is denazifying Ukraine. They will never let what happened during WW2 happen again. If you don't think Ukraine has a Nazi problem, look up Stepan Bandera and how he influences the likes of the Ukraine Azov Battalion.

  4. we miss films from Afghanistan and Syria with the heroes from ww2

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