Russian Roulette | Valentine’s Day MEP [CLOSED] | (12/20 DONE)

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Thank this random video for making me wanna do something with this song XD

– (Almost) Every fandom is allowed
– Nothing too inappropriate please
– ONLY ships (they don’t have to be canon)
– Ships CAN’T repeat, fandoms can
– 1 or 2 parts per person
– Only use 1 ship per part
– Try to match the beat as best as possible
– Fill out the form or you won’t get the part
– Pass: Your favorite color
– No voiceovers
– Cut the audio yourself
– Upload the finished part on your channel or give me a Sendspace/Mega/… link
– Lyrics are allowed for the English words, here’s a video with the lyrics:

– Programm/Name watermarks are allowed
– Outro needs to have “Happy Valentine’s Day”
– Deadline is February 10th


Narumitsu (Ace Attorney)
Clerith (Final Fantasy)
Bubbline (Adventure Time)
Kataang (Avatar The Last Airbender)
Brutasha (Marvel)
Lightless (How to Train Your Dragon)
Jake X Natyri (Avatar)
Inuyasha X Kagome (Inuyasha)
Rin X Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)
Simba X Nala (The Lion King)
Nalu (Fairy Tail)
Izuku X Uraraka (My Hero Academia)
Paper Star X Carmen X Julia (Carmen Sandiego)
Lumity (The Owl House)
Catradora (She-Ra)
Maivis X Zeref (Fairy Tail)
Jellal X Erza (Fairy Tail)
Kanera (Star Wars Rebels)
Gentle Criminal X La Brava (My Hero Academia)
Reina X Kumiko (Hibike Euphonium)

Intro – Me
Part 1 -toothixiie (Izuku X Uraraka)✖
Part 2 – Spectro Geist (Paper Star X Carmen X Julia)✅
Part 3 – Ironluke 2001 (Nalu)✖
Part 4 – SiberianSkull (Bubbline)✅
Part 5 – Dragon FantasyWolf (Lightless)✅
Part 6 – Dragon FantasyWolf (Jake X Natyri)✅
Part 7 – XxKawaiiMultiGalxX (Kataang)✅
Part 8 – XxKawaiiMultiGalxX (Brutasha)✅
Part 9 – Spectro Geist (Gentle Criminal X La Brava)✅
Part 10 – Me (Narumitsu)✖
Part 11 – Me (Clerith)✖
Part 12 – Nighty (Reina X Kumiko)✅
Part 13 – Luna Stella (Inuyasha X Kagome)✖
Part 14 – Luna Stella (Rin X Sesshomaru)✖
Part 15 – FairyAsuna AMV (Maivis X Zeref)✅
Part 16 – FairyAsuna AMV (Jellal X Erza)✅
Part 17 – multifandom_girl (Lumity)✅
Part 18 – multifandom_girl (Catradora)✅
Part 19 – LightWave (Kanera)✖
Outro – Fulcrum Stardust 17 (Simba X Nala)✅

Multi Fandomer
Dragon FantasyWolf
Luna Stella
Fulcrum Stardust 17
Ironluke 2001
Spectro Geist
Song: Russian Roulette by Red Velvet

Source: YouTube

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Russian Roulette | Valentine’s Day MEP [CLOSED] | (12/20 DONE)

10 thoughts on “Russian Roulette | Valentine’s Day MEP [CLOSED] | (12/20 DONE)

  1. Name: Fulcrum Stardust 17
    Part: outro
    Fandom: TLK
    ship: Simba and Nala
    Pass: Purple
    Backup: yes XD

  2. Name: Ironluke 2001
    Part: 3
    Fandom: Fairy Tail
    Ship: Natsu and Lucy
    Pass: Blue 💙
    Backup: Sure

  3. Name: SpectroGeist
    Parts: 1 and 2
    Fandom: Carmen SanDiego
    Ship: PaperStar x Carmen x Julia
    Pass: Black
    Backup?: yes ^^

  4. name; toothixiie
    part; 1?
    fandom; bnha
    ship; Izuku x Uraraka
    editor; videostar
    pass; green
    backup?; suree

  5. name: multifandom_girl
    parts: 17 and 18
    ships: lumity (the owl house) and ?? (I'll let you know)
    pass: blue or green
    backup?: sure

  6. Part 15 and 16 please ?
    Name : FairyAsuna AMV
    Fandom : Fairy Tail
    Ship : Maivis and Zeref
    Pass : Purple

  7. Name: LightWave
    Part: 19
    Fandom: Star Wars Rebels
    Ship: Kanan and Hera (Kanera)
    Pass: Purple
    Backup?: Yes!

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