Space Juggling – Roulette Patterns

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When you’re juggling with gravity, the balls move in parabolas.

When you’re Space Juggling, the pattern is part of the family of “roulette” curves.

The Space Juggling roulettes are created by rolling a line around a circle without letting the line slip. You then track a point which is fixed to the line but can be offset from it.

Roulettes are the family of curves which are created by rolling any curve along another and tracking a generator point. As far as I know, the Space Juggling curves do not have a name (fixed circle, rolling line). Though many roulettes are named, such as Trochoid, Cycloid, Limaçon, Cardioid, Astroid, etc.


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Juggler: Adam Dipert
Design: Kaci Torres
Videography: Jeremy Lewis

Source: YouTube

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Space Juggling  – Roulette Patterns

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  1. Absolutely innovative! Doing the best I can to spread these vids to my friends, I’d love to see longer form videos 😁

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