Spike – Russian Roulette – Magic Tricks REVEALED

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Have four random cups on the table, one having a spike under it, and throw YOUR hand down without cutting yourself! Please enjoy! Thanks!


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Spike – Russian Roulette – Magic Tricks REVEALED

10 thoughts on “Spike – Russian Roulette – Magic Tricks REVEALED

  1. What if a spectator switches the cups and puts a different cup over the spike while you’re not looking? Then you have a bloody hole in your hand and have to go to the Emergency Room. Wouldn’t it be better to have the thread attached to the piece that the spike is in incase someone switches the cups?

  2. I mean yeah you could, but as long as you just tell them to shuffle the cups, they shouldn't switch anything.

  3. I have my own magic show but only use three cups and three blocks of wood. Two of the blocks have screws sticking out of them and one doesn't. I use my head to break the one cup without screws in the wood. Needless to say, of the hundreds of times I've done it in my street show, I've never failed, but after I'm successful, 40-50% of people say: "I switched the cups when your back was turned to throw you off!" So it does happen often. I do it with a tweak to magicrick's version. Or I'd be dead.

  4. if u read this u will die in 5 years to remove this curse send this to five other videos

  5. There is an easier version that is safer than this one and there is no set up and you can let them examine the cups as well.

  6. you could probably even add your own effect at the end where it looks like you made a mistake and the spike or nail which is what I use to make it look like it went through your hand and just right before they think they seen everything I pull the nail out of my hand and they can see the wound and I heal my hand.

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