The New King Of Roulette?? | Full Session | Roshtein

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The New King Of Roulette?? | Full Session | Roshtein

10 thoughts on “The New King Of Roulette?? | Full Session | Roshtein

  1. Ahhh starting July 29, 2022, Channels are NO LONGER able to hide their subscribers counts. Woo hoo, we get to see just how popular Online Gambling Highlights ( REALLY IS )

    I wanna know
    I wanna know
    I wanna know
    I wanna know 🤣🤣

  2. Some people said Roshtein sessions are rigged because he always won but I'll just watch anyways lol.

  3. Rosh is such a scammer.. i was scammed by him for 20000 USD few days back and i have proof of that.. he scams people with his fake balance.. he gets millions from stake to promote them and balance never dies out because he deposits casino balance and loses it to casino…

  4. Drake is superdonk, if he thinks that dealer can manipulate result. Actually dealers don't see,where you bet. They only see winning results and that you online

  5. id rather watch someone doing £100 real money spins than $300,000 fake spins.

  6. I got a new 'strategy' on roulette and it looks like did but I play full 14 and then the numbers of orphelins and first time if got smacked in my face in 3 times my money was gone but the second time the numbers felt so good I won really big money for me but if the numbers do not fall is sucking up your money really quick

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