What Did We Find in Burry Port | Roulette Adventure

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In this adventure Mike and @JuicyPixel head on a Routtle Adventure to the amazing small town of #burryport Join us as we sneak into first class, find an #abandoned car and learn some cool #history about this amazing place.

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What Did We Find in Burry Port | Roulette Adventure

9 thoughts on “What Did We Find in Burry Port | Roulette Adventure

  1. West Wales yay! lovely beaches down there. The B&B you stayed in looked lovely, was it expensive?

  2. 4:00 very spontaneous vlog. 9:30 nice lady, 10:50 you did a 1st class loo review? 12:30 oh you public enemy. 18:10 sounds like Aaron was going to sing KLF: The Timelords – Doctorin The Tardis. 23:15 You could be pirates. 36:05 You could of used for your new FB profile pic. 40:00 and it is still TAXED and MOTED. 47:00 Di you wash Aarons feet like Mary Magdalene did to Jesus feet. 4730 It could be sewage. Nice room and cottage. Put a link in the description.

  3. Another amazing vlog Mike! I've never been there myself but it looks a nice quiet little place!Awesome content mate!👍

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