Why do we keep gambling when we’re down? #shorts #science #SciShow

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Why do we keep gambling when we’re down? #shorts #science #SciShow

10 thoughts on “Why do we keep gambling when we’re down? #shorts #science #SciShow

  1. Gamblers don’t think one color suddenly is a lot more likely to occur. It’s the opposite. They rightly calculate that it’s incredibly rare for that color to come up 7 times, so they believe that it is LESS likely for that color to come up due to the low probability. What they fail to remember is they are ALREADY in the next most rare scenario with 6 losses. They think the probability of the next spin is that of the probability of a run of 7 occurring instead of the probability of a run of 7 occurring after a run of 6 has been reached.

  2. If you play craps at the machine, instead of the pit… the machine keeps track of the last several rolls and displays it to reinforce this fallacious logic.

  3. If it's a simple red/black game
    Usually betting on the same color over and over again gives you better ods of winning (assuming no fowl play is involved)

    Gambling is still gambling though, and not a way of eleviating financial struggles

  4. MTG, XCOM, Risk. So many games kick you in the pants with this cold hard fact. The dice don't care how much you suffered the last 7 goes.

  5. Except… the roulette is a physical object. It you get red ten times in a row, there may be something actually wrong with the roulette, and while odds may be independent, you shouldn't automatically discard the possibility of an unbalanced or otherwise "imperfect" roulette. Of course with the zero and double zero you are going to lose in the long run – you'd lose even if it was actually 50/50, since you have a betting limit which by itself gives the casino the advantage.

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