Win at Roulette using Python and NumPy

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This video explores random number generation in NumPy (random). We develop a Python code to implement a betting strategy used in Roulette. Betting focuses on 50:50 bets (not quite 50:50 as the casino wins at 0). You double your bet after every loss and reduce your bet to the initial bet after every win. In theory, you should be able to recover losses. These strategies are called the Martingale strategy (or reverse martingale strategy). Can these strategies work? How much money do you need to survive the downside risk (tail risk)? In this process, we also have our first exposure to visualisation using Matplotlib.pyplot. Let’s start the game!

The code is available on GitHub (

0:00 NumPy Random
1:02 Python Code for Betting
1:48 Random Numbers
2:32 Branching
3:49 While Loop
6:27 Visualisation
6:54 Betting Function
7:39 IndexError

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This video belongs to the course “Python for Data Science”, which introduces Python and its use in the context of data analysis, machine learning, and simulations.

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Win at Roulette using Python and NumPy

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