13 Disastrous Roulette Mistakes

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https://www.rouletteman.com Learn to avoid these very common roulette mistakes. The fun could have lasted much longer, if played differently. Mstakes are good, because we can learn from them.
In this video we talk about: empty tables, the use of many chips and stacks, having a strategy and having full control of your game at all times! We would love to read your comments. What would you have done differently?
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13 Disastrous Roulette Mistakes

10 thoughts on “13 Disastrous Roulette Mistakes

  1. Playing alone makes no difference to the house edge of the game. Roulette will take the same amount of money from you in the long run, based on a % of amount bet, regardless of who else is there. Sad to see fallacious gambler logic all over youtube

  2. Considering dealers and managers have total control on what numbers they want the ball to land too, this is like taking candy from a baby. 🤦‍♂️

  3. How is playing alone on a table make any difference weather you win or loose? That does not make any sense. It does not affect the outcome of the game if there is 1 or 5 players

  4. I always bet on red or black, or even or odds. I don’t understand why people do it the complicated way

  5. Everybody has their own way of bidding this cats wrong about a lot of things when you get a pacific number and then you pick up the corners you actually make more money than just betting like the second 12 everybody bets different use law of averages on your groups and number of people you will come out further ahead

  6. This guy made every rookie mistake. Prolly watched a few you tubers and decided “yeah I can be a professional gambler “

  7. He only needs content for his channel period😆. funny way to bet btw 😆😆
    "He does not know . . . . . how much to pay". because he did not know how to play or bet 😆. but he's a bit better than the first dude 😆
    those are dump bets ever though. there it is I said it 😆 very dump

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