1. Don't ever play both columns and dozens at the sametime. Just being greedy. U will eventually lose. I haven't looked at the channel yet but have u guys tried the rumple?

  2. Hey guys
    The best Dozens to play, in my opinion are the second and the third.
    These two Dozens cover the wheel better than the first and second or first and third.
    The empty spaces on the wheel are smaller.
    When playing the Columns make sure to play the middle one. If you play the first and third the not covered sections on the wheel are bigger

  3. Your math is wrong a lot when you don't hit both a column and a number. You even posting the wrong profit or pay outs. Check your math.

  4. What's with the sound effects? Sound effects are corny and unnecessary. And the background music is awful. My opinion, respectably of course.

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