90% WIN RATE Modification Roulette Strategy! #roulettestrategy

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90% Win Rate Modification Roulette Strategy!

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Hi, I’m Mo AKA LunchMoneyMo. I’m not a professional roulette player, I just like playing it. I’m here to show you different roulette strategies and systems. If you have a strategy or system that you would like to share, submit it to lunchmoneyteam@gmail.com. Please bet responsibly and make sure to subscribe and join our growing community!

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90% WIN RATE Modification Roulette Strategy! #roulettestrategy

9 thoughts on “90% WIN RATE Modification Roulette Strategy! #roulettestrategy

  1. So you have to win 18 times in a row in order to be able to sustain a loss… this is dumb

  2. Or you coulda just took one of the second dozens bet away and got an extra whack and still made miney mist every spin

  3. This may be a good strategy if someone is looking to do one or two spins to make a quick buck. And, with 10% of the numbers being whacks, on average you will lose 1 out of every 10 hands… That would average out to a loss of $90 every 10 hands, giving an expected value of a loss of $9/spin.

  4. The modification I made was to put $4 on the 10 numbers instead of $5. This then pays $10 on the 2 dozens and $4 on any of the 10 numbers and it lowers the bet to $140. LunchmoneyMo’s mod works also, it just increases your bet by $30 from $140-$170 for an additional $6 payout.

  5. And, you should bring a bank big enough to 4x martingale when you don’t hit and make that loss back in 4 spins.

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