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The back to back even chance American roulette strategy is one of the smartest & safest way to increase your chances of winning at the game of roulette. It involves covering the even chance or outside bets starting with one chip, if you continue to lose, you continue covering with only one chip but keeping a count on how many chips in total you have placed on the board. Example: you lose 5 spins in a row covering with one chip for each of the 5 spins, your count is currently at five, because you have placed 5 chips in total. You continue to the 6th spin using a cover of one chip & you have a win, the count is currently at 6, therefore you place 6 chips on the next spin which will bring the count up to 12. 6 single chip bets on the previous spins & now you are placing a total of 6 chips on your next bet. You add your current bet of 6 chips & total your previous bets to get the current count, which in this case is 12. (6+6=12) if you hit on the next spin where you placed a 6 chips bet, you have successfully completed a back to back win & you are now in profit. However, if you lose the spin where you placed your 6 chips bet, you return to betting one chip & continue the count until you get a back to back win using the method mentioned above. As long as you’re in profit or breaking even, I highly recommend that you restart the entire progression. If you still don’t fully understand how the strategy works after watching the video, please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section & I will be happy to assist you in any way that I can. Stay safe & God bless.

Back To Back Even Chance (European)

However, I Must Mention That Roulette Is A Risky & Unpredictable Game, & Should Never Be Played With Money That You CAN’T Afford To Lose. Always Play Responsibly.

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Back 2 Back Even Chance American Roulette Strategy | Roulette Boss

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