BIGGEST PROFIT SYSTEM – “Bunny Ranch” Roulette System Review

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BIGGEST PROFIT SYSTEM – “Bunny Ranch” Roulette System Review

10 thoughts on “BIGGEST PROFIT SYSTEM – “Bunny Ranch” Roulette System Review

  1. It is true that Lucky Laruen is lucky. I won playing bingo for the first time with her and Dean at the Gold Coast

  2. I have been playing the bunny ranch system for the last two days in a row only starting out with $300 each day so far my total winnings profit in two days is $2800 the system is awesome

  3. Thoughts – adjust the 30 dollar bets onto neighboring numbers? I.e. i use (on euro roulette) 8-10-11-23 as my example so if you hit the area you make bank, adjust as needed. You can then put the rest on other neighboring bets across the race track that sit near or close to your jackpots for a saving grace if you miss the 4 neighbors, or across the racetrack to cover more spread of the wheel.

    Just my thought

  4. I just found you guys and gal,I'm in Arkansas but I want to start playing roulette and I think this is a good system to try. I just want to find a different game besides craps so I can sit down for a change.

  5. Been trying to understand how the profit margins work here, watch afew videos, but how did she get 1050 från that bet? Whats the 1:??

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