Column BETS Roulette Strategy

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2 Column BETS
ROULETTE winning strategy
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Column BETS Roulette Strategy

10 thoughts on “Column BETS Roulette Strategy

  1. Nice strategy! Where you cover 24 number and recover loss after one single win ! In your line bets “ where you cover 5 line “ you cover 30 numbers but take 2 wins to recover losses! Can you perfect a progression in the line strategy to recover losses in one single win ??

  2. Would you make a video with a simple strategy? Running two roulette tables at the same time, let's say table A and B. For the first round, you spin Table A for the colour (with 0 chip). You now bet a basic amount on the opposite colour in Table B and spin for the outcome. In case you lose the round, you spin table A for the next colour and double the bet on the opposite colour in table B until you win. (always bid the opposite colour and skip the round if zero in table A) Although you may say Martingale is a stupid way to manage the bankroll, I just can't imagine how small the chance could be for two individual roulette tables come out two strings of the same results at the same time (spined by two staffs in the same casino).

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  4. HelLo Sir i have been watching your videos, it seems to be very good , but while playing live in casino how do we find the statistics that which column is HOT/COLD or how columns are chaninging ? is there is way to find this statistics Thanks

  5. tips n trik sure win

  6. Useless strategy. You will lose everything. 10 losses in a row and then its all over.

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