10 thoughts on “Exclusive Roulette Strategy Revealed: “Numbers Don’t Lie” Might Make You a Big Winner!

  1. If you play the hottest number from 1x to 20x. The average number of spins between hits is 24. TurboGenius if I remember rightly came up with that.

  2. Gave it a try. Went 12 spins before getting a hit, then hit 3 times in 5 spins 🤑

  3. It'll get you eventually.
    The trick is to have a short stop loss.
    The odds are always worse inside because of the payoffs.
    Better to bet the six outside even money bets according to what shows the most – looking for streaks, including back and forth.
    Increase by one unit with every loss. Lose three times and reset.

  4. Huge problem here, you are playing on one Green number, Vegas has 2 green numbers and some have 3 now, this throws off your strategy.

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