Great Roulette Strategy

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I’ve found this to be an easier strategy that has been quite successful. Let me know what you think.

5:25 to see the strategy in action

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Great Roulette Strategy

10 thoughts on “Great Roulette Strategy

  1. This is just a variation of the Romanosky Roulette system which has been around for years. It's ok but doomed for failure like every other roulette System out there! better than no system I guess?

  2. U might be a beginner as i see that you perfer a american roulette table instead of a european roulette wich has a lower houses edge

  3. OMG this is BS.. im not kidding. my balance was at $900 and was eager to play and i completely lost it all i was so mad.. nothing online works.. i better unplug my pc before im homeless because i keep depositing money. total to date almost $4k in a month.. some from winning but mostly are out of pocket..

  4. A practice account is fake the casino will let you win to build your confidence . deposit real money and kiss it good buy nothing more than a digital slot machine that looks like a roulette wheel . go play a real wheel RNGs are rigged

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