HOW I WON $840 IN 10 MINUTES PLAYING NEW ROULETTE SYSTEM #win #lasvegas #roulettestrategy #xrp #

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How to win big money at the Casino playing Roulette with new strategies tested at 8am every day. Use Martingale, outside bets, straight up, streets, six lines, splits, with bankrolls to fit every budget. Subscribers are encouraged to share their ideas and The Roulette Master will share and test them in new videos. Messages are answered promptly and are encouraged. Please bet responsibly and always practice new systems on roulette royale or another app before you risk your own money playing.

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HOW I WON $840 IN 10 MINUTES PLAYING NEW ROULETTE SYSTEM #win #lasvegas #roulettestrategy #xrp #

9 thoughts on “HOW I WON $840 IN 10 MINUTES PLAYING NEW ROULETTE SYSTEM #win #lasvegas #roulettestrategy #xrp #

  1. Wont suggest this to anyone you’ll be broke and you need big bankroll not all people have that

  2. RM: any reason that you pick numbers in the third dozen?
    I would pick the 1-2, 26-27, 28-31, & the 0-00, and I like the 17-20, splits.
    I have surrounded the zeros which are just numbers so I have two clusters of numbers.

  3. I have to say that you are the damn luckiest roulette player I've ever seen in my life. Every system you play you finish up a winner. I struggle just to make $10 a day. If I win $10-$20 in on day, I will get super unlucky, as usual, and lose what I won and then some. I end up losing no matter what system I play. The roulette gods are against me all the time. I cannot beat this game in the long run. It is so very frustrating that I keep telling myself that I have to quit and stop losing money.
    Lastly, not a fan of this strategy at all. I can just see myself going for many many spins without a single hit.

  4. Played this system several times on computer wheel and believe it or not I made good money everytime. I used a single zero wheel and placed my bets on 4 splits in 3rd dozen and one in 2nd doz.

  5. This one look hopeful so I gave it a try I have a skeleton roulette Program in Excel and I threw in the numbers and it wasn't long before there were like 19 in a row without a hit and wiped out the bankroll….,NEXT…. One of these days you'll find a good one

  6. I played this system on a single zero wheel simulator all day yesterday, choosing 5 splits in a dozen shaped like a 5 on a dice…. randomly moving from dozen to dozen but not necessarily after each win…
    It worked very well

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