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With this strategy as with any strategy you try out it is important to set a limit for yourself and stick to it. A line that your not going to cross. Its is very easy to chase your losses thinking that “I’ve lost so many times in a row, there’s no way that I’ll lose the next one” Be in control of yourself and every bet will be a calculated decision and not a desperate donation to the casino.
This strategy again uses the dozens or columns. Pick a dozen, any dozen and place a unit on there. I like using 5 cause it’s easy to talk through. You have a 31.6% chance of winning, if and when you lose, you are going to follow this sequence for the following bets. 1-2-3-4-6-9-13-20-30-45-67-100. When you lose a bet, multiply your original bet by the next number in the sequence. Here’s what it will look like.
How many losses in a row you want to go, depends on how much money you are willing to lose. No matter what your bankroll though, once you draw that line, show self control, and don’t cross it. I usually set my limit with this system at 7 losses in a row. After that, the amount i’m putting up, just doesn’t justify the risk. If i lose the 7th bet, I’ve usually made enough gains that i can still keep going without being set back. That might be high for you, it might be low for some. Find the limit that’s right for you based on your available bankroll.

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How to Make Money at Roulette Strategy

10 thoughts on “How to Make Money at Roulette Strategy

  1. so do you stop and go home after 7 misses? or do you go back to base bet of 5 like a new session?

  2. Thank you for posting

    As long as you approach gambling as entertainment and not a way to get rich, I like your betting strategy.

    My approach would be to bet all the 2 to 1 bets just the way you played the ones you did… my unit would be $10 rather than your 5 and I would hit each one twice then stop betting the ones that hit until all 6 of my bets hit twice.

    Walk away with $120 and do that at different tables 5 or 6 times a day.

    Try it… you might be thanking me after your next trip to Vegas.

    Just paying it forward… no charge for the wisdom.

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  4. Nice video. I m subscribed

  5. do the same with $1 on 9 numbers of a 12 that hasn't hit in 5 spins………you can make money all day long and only go 4 bets deep in the strategy. Works for me.

  6. This is a great strategy! Any one who has played roulette more than a handful of times and thinks or follows a strategy should respect the contents of this video. You only won twice out of 10 tries, yet you made a profit! This strategy is great because it's similar to martingale that plays one to one but that idea only allows you 5 rounds to enable a profit, this one is 7 rounds. Sure you will lose alot more once you've reached the 7th round and lost but I think this is a profitable choice in the long run than the 1-1 betting. All roulette tables have a $5 min and $100 max to my knowledge and I'll give this strategy a try, this coming weekend.

  7. Great video dude. 99% of people do not take action. I did and now my channel is BUZZING. Cheers

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