HOW to Make Money Playing Online Roulette | Roulette Strategy to WIN | Roulette Strategy outside bet

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πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ How to win Online Roulette with Combination Roulette Strategy for inside bets and more about online Roulette, Roulette Strategy and Roulette system…

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This video is about finding the best entry point for online Roulette Strategy to Win. It’s about how play this Roulette Strategy for the highest successful rate and best profits, but also covering the topics like the Best Roulette Strategy ever, Best Roulette Strategy to Win, Roulette Strategy for Inside bets, Best Roulette Strategy using Hot numbers…

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HOW to Make Money Playing Online Roulette | Roulette Strategy to WIN | Roulette Strategy outside bet

10 thoughts on “HOW to Make Money Playing Online Roulette | Roulette Strategy to WIN | Roulette Strategy outside bet

  1. Hello. I am new to your channel. Do you have any reliable online casinos? The ones I have used seem be rigged. The live dealers were certainly using magnets. I am curious if you have run unto this? Or maybe your strategy beats it either way.

    I am currently using a "follow the leader" strategy in a real casino. I would love to find something I can do from home but I just haven't found the right online casino and/or strategy. I would love to learn the strategy you're utilizing in that video. Where do I start?

  2. Hello Etomino, in India we have something like "Matka" which is very popular wherein three cards are selected from a deck of card. The addition of these three cards is called open number which is from 0-9 which is a single number. The payout for the same is 9 if I guessed the correct number. Same is played for a close number and that completes the game. I was trying different calculations how it can be played but all the attempts to corner it failed. I thought I should ask you if you can decode it. It will be something new and you will have some fun time to try something new.

  3. Which casino has no problems with withdrawals? Bovada is delaying my payments they're the worst.

  4. Hello, I'm a fan of roulette and enjoy covering 9 straight ups per spin starting with a balance of Β£100, 50p per number Β£4.50 per spin my target is to STOP! at any amount PROFIT, I'll usually hit within 3-6 spins then I'm done for the day. I also play at multiple casinos and the winnings do add up, but I don't play every day and wouldn't advise doing so, I believe it's key to take breaks. My question is, do you have a stop loss value?

  5. If I start with Β£100 starting balance what game play would you use to build the balance and at what stake per chip?

  6. Start using Bitcoin with your online casino…🎁receive a gift of free Bitcoin just for opening your FREE exchange account todayβ€¦βž‘οΈ [limited time]

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