(New Roulette System) Play All 3 12’s At The Same Time

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(New Roulette System) Play All 3 12’s At The Same Time

8 thoughts on “(New Roulette System) Play All 3 12’s At The Same Time

  1. what's the change from betting columns, other than moving to the other 12's? essentially there's no real change.

  2. This is Fibonacci on the dozen x all 3 dozens. 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34….. is Fibonacci. I do this sometimes. Can get expensive and long streaks will kill you.

  3. I play this same system except i place my bets opposite of what you did here so the one that just hit gets the highest bet and the one that has not hit in the longest gets the lowest bet which saves me from streaks of the same 12

  4. Good morning…. Coffee in hand watching my favorite morning video series wondering why the third bet is even their. Possibly my coffee has not kicked in yet but it sure looks like placing a bet on the last winning doz in this case is a wasted bet because even if it hits its not much help at all. Overall I highly doubt if it makes more than it loses. Placing that bet on the zero/zeros might be a lot more productive. Better yet just skip it all together. Betting 2 dozen against the last winning dozen is a really strong system, so no need for the 3rd bet. Point made 😁

  5. Nice video. I like the system but the progression needs some work. If one 12 doesn't win for several spins your betting, starting with $10 will reach high levels, or if one 12 is dominant for several spins the bets on the other two dozen will get high as well, possibly to the bust point. I would play this as a hit and run method, maybe only one or two rounds then move to another strategy. Thank you Roulette Master!

  6. Who can belive on this. You not play on zerro but all other numbers. What is 10 €worth on one column If you lose on say 320€ in they another 2.You can't play all 3 docen at The same time it is to give casino e en more advatege

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