PEACH?! – “Working Them Spits” Roulette System Review

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PEACH?! – “Working Them Spits” Roulette System Review

10 thoughts on “PEACH?! – “Working Them Spits” Roulette System Review

  1. Watched a few of your videos. All nicely done. The only suggestion is maybe after the third time you put bets down if you win the have the person paying you just give the difference to speed up the video a bit. Maybe get a few extra spins in since this is not in a real casino.

  2. please consider making a video of all your PEACH systems that you like. Enjoy watching your video.

  3. Loved the video although whata with the wheel being a European and the table being American😒🤷‍♂️

  4. One minute per spin, 8 hours a day requires surprisingly only 208 days to accomplish the 1 million goal.

  5. The table shows zero and double zero but the wheel only has a single zero… odds are skewed!

  6. Used this system on an ETG on 5x points day and got myself a platinum rewards card in 4 hours. I did lose a few hundred bucks, but I get 2 free hotel rooms a week for the rest of the year.

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