8 thoughts on “Playing Roulette with my Roulette Strategy!

  1. Hey bro i like ur strategie ❤️keep going 💪🏾💪🏾do u live in Netherland??

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  3. I repeat your great work … the best ever seen so far.
    You played on evolution's worst roulette table. They control everything about you, your bankroll, your straight up bets … everything … that's why I tell you that if they intercept your calculation no one will win anymore. I can't say how I know these things, let's say I can't tell how I see these things … but trust me that's how it works. That's why I told you to do little publicity … don't burn your entire studio, it would be a real shame. Thanks N !!

  4. Thank your bro, for playing my table, now i clearly undestand that is not for strategy that you share with us cause it change so much, and without software i didnt have a chance, tnank you one more time, auto is better for such kind of plyas, waiting for your up , cause i have allready khow all the terminals😅

  5. You have a bigest balls i ewer seen for beting big and beleve me i have seen alot bravo and good luck

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